About Us

Dorenita is a new E-commerce platform with a goal to make online purchases what every potential buyer wants to have a cut in. We have our methods, and our methods are designed for you.

It’s quite simple. Know a quality product, ensure it is what the customer needs, deliver with a premium customer service.

We are happy when our deliveries are met with smiles and feedback are positive, that’s why we do all we can to make sure that happens.

We also have a presence on Amazon among other top online retail stores where we deliver superior and quality items to you.

What if e-commerce is more than – an order and a delivery? What if it means understanding what the customers love and delivering on promises or more? At Dorenita, we believe a knowledge base of the trends in our products, an understanding of what you want as a customer plus an unparalleled customer service can push us toward unimaginable heights. That’s why the emphasis is on you.

By delivering quality, we hope to meet your need in the most definite way.


Dorenita Team